We love data, we believe it holds the key to business success. Integrate it, model it, mine it – use it! That’s what we’re here for. Whether you want a simple to use single customer view and analysis tools or a bespoke big data repository we can help.


Your shed condenses the benefits of a data warehouse and enterprise analysis tools and gives them to you in a much cheaper and easier to maintain tool.

Integrate all your customer & commercial data into a single area for analysis, forecasting and reporting. Pull data from your website, database, accounting software… any database, any file, any source as regularly as you need.

Clever matching algorithms overlay all your data sources and cleans them at a customer level so you have all your customer activity attached to the right individual.


A DataShed condenses the benefits of a data warehouse and enterprise analysis tools and gives them to you in a much cheaper and easier to maintain tool.

Integrate all your customer & transactional data into a single customer view for analysis, forecasting and reporting. It’s simple, log in, upload your data file, map it into the correct fields and leave the rest to us.

Clever algorithms match your data so you have a golden record for your customers, overlay the ONS socio-demographic profiling and then append all your customer transaction activity – leaving you with one single data source ready to interrogate through our interactive dashboards.


Once your data is clean and all in one place you can get a really clear view of your business performance and customer behaviour.

  • Understand your long term customer value, lifecycle and attrition
  • Segment your base for more effective marketing and use characteristics of your best customers to target acquisition activity
  • Review the impact of marketing campaigns
  • Improve your contact rates


A good sketch is better than a long speech…

  • Access performance across the board, regularly – spot new trends faster, identify potential problems quicker – react faster.
  • Spread the knowledge, track performance, drive  awareness & get others involved.
  • Make your data accessible and digestible with our easy  to use, interactive dashboards.

Custom Built Data Platforms

For the last 10 years, we’ve been grappling with our client’s toughest challenges and have designed, delivered and supported many enterprise-wide systems for some of the largest businesses in the UK.


We’re more than happy to help with any data-centric projects or conundrums you have. We draw upon our extensive software delivery and marketing experience to help our clients realise their most aggressive objectives in a timely, and affordable way.

OUR Clients



We’re a lovely bunch of geeks with a wide range of expertise and experience. We’re passionate about what we do and the clever developments that make what we do all the more beneficial to our clients. There’s one thing that’s always at the heart of any project we’re working on – commerciality.


I’m more than a little obsessed with data and technology. With both done properly, we can get the right data to the right people in your organisation, at the right time. Over the last 10 years, I’ve delivered a wide range of data processing, business intelligence and analytics projects in many different industries, using a variety of tools. My areas of interest include scalable predictive analytics, modern data architecture and making interesting stuff happen for our clients.


With 15 years’ Marketing experience in agencies and businesses across Yorkshire, I’ve seen a variety of data and insight challenges. For me data & analysis is the beginning and end of every campaign, brief and marketing strategy. “Gut feel” has no real place in today’s marketing departments but getting the information you need to get by without it is often difficult. That’s why we’re here, we want to provide better insight so you can make better business decisions.


A teenage love of Economics & Statistics led to several years of study and a 2 year sojourn into Regional Economic Policy, swiftly followed by a move into Customer Insight, focusing on segmentation & predictive analytics. A decade of practically applying tools & technology later I was ready for a new challenge & The Data Shed ticked all the right boxes. We’re all about showing what can be achieved when you put a few hungry, unashamedly nerdy people in a room and say “Right…let’s do this!”


As the job title suggests, I build stuff. I’ve worked with many varied languages, frameworks and platforms and worked with some pretty huge data sets. My preferred weapon of choice is Python, but occasionally I dirty my hands with Java when (and only when absolutely!) necessary. I’m responsible for making sure the Shed is well built, secure and robust.

I’ve decided to buck the ‘programmers are geeks’ trend by playing games and tinkering with my own software in my spare time.


As a Software Engineer I work on commercial projects mostly using C#, Java, VB and Python. I love trying new things and discovering new approaches to problems. I’m still elated at the sheer brilliance of Mockito and that was 3 days since the time of writing! Other guilty pleasures include code refactoring and writing unit tests. As the DataShed’s technical protégé I’m deployed to whichever project needs support meaning I get exposure to lots of different tools, technologies & frameworks  – which can make life very interesting!


I first discovered the power and value of data at university where I learned that good data, properly formatted and imaginatively presented has limitless potential. After spending time delivering multiple agile projects for Aviva and Anaplan it’s become clear that good data is necessary to break through the noise and empower team members. Joining The DataShed has exposed me to the vast range of opportunities to be gleaned from good, well thought through data projects and it’s my job to make sure they’re delivered smoothly.

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