Continuous Integration with Python

Confession time… I missed something really important!

Most CI tools don’t work too well with Python. Here’s something that’ll help you overcome some of the issues you’ll come across…

Announcing DataShed Labs event – getting hands-on with Apache Spark & Hadoop

In an effort to give developers a view of the tools and technologies that we think are worth trying, we’re hosting a series of hands-on events in Leeds, where developers get to grips with some new kit.

Our first labs event it all set for the 13th April – starting at 1pm. Working in partnership with cap-hpi, we’ll be taking 20 developers, architects and general geeks on a day’s exploration of Apache Spark.

Cloudera Director 2.0 – Truly cloud ready?

Cloudera seems to have made some huge leaps forward in terms of enterprise integration, workload automation and High Availability in Cloudera Director 2.0…

Why has the world gone Open Source Mad?

Open Source software seems to be taking over. But why? And what does Steve Ballmer think about this? 

How to increase the ROI of a data warehouse

There are many ways of making sure you make your money back on your data warehouse project. Save costs in licensing, use cheaper hardware… or perhaps the simplest is to make the most of your data.

Why bother with data visualisation?


With ever-growing volumes and complexities in data, simply viewing data in a grid restricts the value you can derive from it. Different types of data visualisation may help you glean more from your data, and help those who read your reports better understand and act upon them.

Do I make the pipe bigger, or buy more pipes?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could spin up just enough compute power to get you by on demand, and then spin it down when you no longer need it? What if, rather than a single mid-sized pipe, you have 40 pipes which expand and contract depending on the work you need them to do?

We are data scientist

Don’t get me wrong… Data Scientists are awesome. Vastly skilled, articulate and intelligent individuals with some punchy geekiness. Without a doubt they’d be a great asset to your organisation… But at what cost?

Hello world!

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