Building a real time analysis platform for Provident Financial


Provident Financial is a FTSE 250 company specialising in loans to the non-standard credit market. Through its range of businesses Provident aims to provide credit options for those who are not well served by mainstream credit products or are excluded altogether.



Provident were delivering a brand new guarantors loans proposition to market and needed to get their analytical systems built and delivered under aggressive timescales to be available in time.



We delivered the end-to-end solution for analysis and reporting for the new business in a near-realtime data mart using Microsoft SQL Server 2012.

The CRM, website, and various third-party APIs were integrated into a single cube which was used to support manual underwriting and analysis.

Some of the data presented was exposed to the Brokers supplying the leads via a bespoke Broker Portal.

We were lucky, in that the project was greenfield, with cutting-edge technology. We were able to design a system which allowed the business to be more event-driven, respond in real-time to changes in data. The business were able to easily analyse the data generated via OLAP cubes


What happened?

Many of the tools and patterns implemented during development have become core parts of the development process, such as using BIML  to automate the production of time-consuming parts of the application.

Within 3 months, a real-time platform was designed and implemented, allowing Provident to understand the quality of leads arriving, and make credit decisions with all the relevant data to hand.