In our world, organisations big and small are driving value from their data every day, no matter their level of tech prowess. Your ability to code has no bearing on your ability to build a single comprehensive data foundation from your disparate data sets. It’s our mission to demystify the world of data and level the playing field, so everyone can play.

Consultancy Services

We’ve helped organisations of all sizes overcome their data challenges. Thanks to this we’ll quickly and efficiently come up with the right solution for you. We work using our philosophy of giving you all of what you need and none of what you don’t – for the best results and value.

Our people

We’re a lovely bunch of geeks, honest. From developers to strategists, we’re all passionate about what we do.  Dedicated to helping you get the right data to the right people in your organisation.  Want to meet some of the brains at The Data Shed?

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News & Views

  • Putting the PA in PAndemic

    Steph reflects on her time working as an EA during a national lockdown. Covering the ups and downs of working from home and the importance of team wellbeing, she highlights what it really means to be a modern day assistant in a growing tech company.

  • The Data Shed Values

    Here at The Shed we’re just as passionate about the culture we work in as we are about the tech itself, because who wants to be miserable at work? There’s more to Shedders than the fact that we all, usually, work under one unconventional (shed) roof - our company values are at the heart of everything we do. We caught up with Clare, Head of People here at The Data Shed, to delve deeper into some of our guiding principles.

We Love Data

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