image image 25th November 2014

Data Rant. Warning...

Personally, as a consumer, I am FED UP (yes shouty capitals) of shoddy data practices. As if moving house isn’t stressful enough without having to speak to your bank 3 times to explain that, Yes, please, I’d like my new credit card to be actually sent to the same new address that my statements were updated to 2 months ago. Having moved house, I don’t actually live where you’ve just sent my new bit of plastic.

And don’t get me started on bereavement. Having dealt with the hideous process of informing the world that a loved one has died it seems utterly ridiculous and soulless that 5 years after the event, with alarming regularity we still have mail thudding through the letterbox addressed to my poor old dad. And yes, we’ve moved house since then. And no, he didn’t come with us.

It’s not the usual direct mail suspects here either, it’s the banks and the utilities companies who should have the budget and the clever people to be able to sort it out. Frankly there’s nothing worse for a brand than showing utter incompetence with their customer data. Particularly a financial institution asking you to trust them with your money, credit information, full blown identity information.

Match your data. Put it in one place. Please have a single customer record. It’s not that hard. If we can do it I’m pretty sure you can.


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