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Why The Shed?


Isn’t this what job specs and company benefits are for?

Maybe in the past, but now choosing your next opportunity is a complex task. There are more companies, more roles, greater access to information and everyone seeks to make the most informed decision they can.

What makes one company more attractive than another?

One of our greatest qualities are the people we have working with us, and we’re proud to share their thoughts on why they chose the Shed…

Nicolas Steinbach – Senior Data Engineer (Joined January 21)

Personal development is a by-product of how the company is set up, and it is deeply rooted in its philosophy.

“My main driver for starting a role at The Data Shed was personal development.

I have been changing companies every year before taking on a role at The Data Shed. While I enjoyed the work I was doing, it never felt right. I was always looking for something new, something that would push my skills just a bit more and a bit further. I was looking for more diversity.

I found this when I started at The Data Shed.

Our personal development is led by the daily work we do. It is no longer a side activity, a marketing selling point on a job description or an “L&D” program that gets sacrificed when the workload gets a bit heavier. Personal development is a by-product of how the company is set up, and it is deeply rooted in its philosophy.

The Data Shed’s main activity is data consulting services. As a Data Engineer, I am central to its operations and not just another department or a cost center.

I work for different clients on different projects. This diversity means I solve a diverse range of problems using a broad range of technologies in unique contexts. This multifaceted aspect of the role and the variety of the work mean I grow better and faster than if I was working for a single company.

This variety allows me to define and build my career path. Do I want to focus on cloud infrastructure? Develop software engineering skills? Data warehousing? I know I have the support from The Data Shed to grow the knowledge that interests me the most.

The internal knowledge-sharing culture is strong. I get to work with different people with different backgrounds, strengths and weaknesses. We support one another and get to learn from one another.”

Maddie Oliver – Project Manager (Joined October 20)

Working at The Shed makes me feel proud of my work, we celebrate excellence, have fun and are a clever and interesting bunch.’

“Starting a new job during a global pandemic was a worrying concept for me. I remember having this fear that the culture and people aspect of the job wouldn’t be there. I was so wrong – from day one the Shed were so welcoming and there was such a sense of joining a big team.

Considering we’ve spent most of the last year in lockdown, there have been so many virtual social events. And when we’ve been able to work in the office, there seems to always be doughnuts, beers or pizzas flying around! Although these ‘perks’ aren’t everything they’re put on to bring teams together and for everyone to feel part of the Shed family.

Working in a consultancy means that we extend clients’ teams. We don’t work for them, we work with them and we are trusted as experts in all things data. This gives us a great deal of authority around projects and trust that we will recommend and deliver the best possible solution for the client’s problem or project. Working at The Shed makes me feel proud of my work, we celebrate excellence, have fun and we’re also a clever and interesting bunch.

From a project perspective, we have a model whereby tech, delivery and requirements leads have equal responsibility around delivery. This creates a really collaborative approach to projects and means that the whole team is invested in what we’re delivering. This not only creates a great working environment, but also hugely increases the value of our outputs.

I’ve been here for pretty much a year and have already worked on such a diverse range of projects and clients. The support you receive from the leadership teams is second to none, mental health being central to this, meaning as an employee you have access to lots of different resources and also flexible working policies that allow you to prioritise feeling good, ultimately increasing productivity within work.”

Michael Park – Technical Lead (Joined Jan 21)

It is very rewarding seeing the data that we work with helped lead to the development of vaccines.

“Working at the shed is an interesting topic to address in a holistic sense due to remote working, however the communication from management has always been one of sincerity, openness and civility.

As for my day to day, I enjoy working with interesting and intelligent colleagues on a project for a client that has been vital to fighting the pandemic. It is very rewarding seeing the data that we work with helped lead to the development of vaccines. Furthermore, the healthcare service we work with can track, plan and treat patients better across the UK.

There is a concerted push for internal growth both intellectually and tangibly in the shape of internal promotions. There is never a feeling of stagnation. There are company events – both digital and physical – that have been a good way of helping to keep people happy through these turbulent times.

I enjoy each day and working at The Data Shed.”

Our Thoughts...


When we set about asking our employees why they joined, we have been really proud of the response and comments we’ve had. We pride ourselves on the culture and our values, so it’s great to see this is a true reflection of the company.

As a result, The Data Shed is delighted to be shortlisted for “The Best Tech Place to Work” by Leeds Digital Festival. Our people are at the heart of everything we do and why we’re successful. In return we have created an environment so our employees can love what they do and continuously improve along the way.

For more information on what we do and what life could be like for you, feel free to reach out to one of the team and our Talent Acquisition Manager –


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