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Author: annasutton

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    Leeds data firm wins contract to deliver a national gambling self-exclusion scheme

    Data services firm, The Data Shed, has won a major contract with GAMSTOP, the central scheme that allows people to exclude themselves from online gambling websites, leading to an extra ten jobs being created at their Leeds office.

    image image 30th January 2019
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    Big Data V’s what are they & how can you use them to formulate a strategy?

    Anyone who has ever done any kind of business related course will have heard of the 4 (or 7) p’s of marketing. Product, Place, Price, Promotion

    image image 2nd December 2015
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    Single Customer View – why?

    The concept of a Single Customer View has been around for ages, but if you google the term you get inundated by numerous articles spelling out how painful it can be to get there – but what actually does it mean?

    image image 17th July 2015
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    Data Rant. Warning…

    Personally, as a consumer, I am FED UP (yes shouty capitals) of shoddy data practices. As if moving house isn't stressful enough without having to speak to your bank 3 times to explain that, Yes, please, I'd like my new credit card to be actually sent to the same new address that my statements were updated to 2 months ago.

    image image 25th November 2014
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    Big Data & Retail

    Retailers have it pretty tough when it comes to getting insight on their customers. Understanding footfall and who is actually buying your products is the Holy Grail of retail, and the motivation behind huge budget expenditure on loyalty cards and programs.

    image image 23rd October 2014
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    ...data definitions are tough... but you can't live without them. They are probably the single biggest problem we come up against time and time again. It’s also the main complication when publishing numbers to ensure that everyone is (as my old director used to say) comparing apples with apples…

    image image 29th August 2014

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