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Author: Ed Thewlis

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    Continuous Integration with Python

    Confession time… I missed something really important! Most CI tools don’t work too well with Python. Here’s something that’ll help you overcome some of the issues you’ll come across…

    image image 3rd January 2017
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    Announcing DataShed Labs event – getting hands-on with Apache Spark & Hadoop

    In an effort to give developers a view of the tools and technologies that we think are worth trying, we’re hosting a series of hands-on events in Leeds

    image image 17th February 2016
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    Cloudera Director 2.0 – Truly cloud ready?

    Cloudera seems to have made some huge leaps forward in terms of enterprise integration, workload automation and High Availability in Cloudera Director 2.0…

    image image 22nd January 2016
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    Why has the world gone Open Source Mad?

    Open Source software seems to be taking over. But why? And what does Steve Ballmer think about this?

    image image 5th January 2016
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    How to increase the ROI of a data warehouse

    Data warehouse projects are expensive!

    image image 2nd December 2015
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    Why bother with data visualisation?

    Sometimes, the visualisation can be something as simple as a chart, showing how a measure has changed over time. Other times, it can be as complex as those created by Mike Bostock of the New York Times and the creator of d3.

    image image 25th August 2015
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    Do I make the pipe bigger, or buy more pipes?

    Scale up vs scale out is a pretty standard conundrum nowadays - particularly with the advent of distributed compute models such as Hadoop. A few years ago, the standard approach in the Business Intelligence & data management world was simply to throw more hardware at it.

    image image 2nd February 2015
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    We are data scientist

    I was reading an interesting article today on the skills required to be a 'Data Scientist'... All very interesting!

    image image 5th September 2014

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