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    Why The Shed?

    Isn’t this what job specs and company benefits are for?Maybe in the past, but now choosing your next opportunity is a complex task. There are more companies, more roles, greater access to information and everyone seeks to make the most informed decision they can.What makes one company more attractive than another?One of our greatest qualities are the people we have working with us, and we’re proud to share their thoughts on why they chose the Shed…

    image image 28th September 2021
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    Leeds Digital Festival 2021

    We are delighted to be part of another Leeds Digital Festival as a sponsor, contributor, and event organiser.

    image image 26th August 2021
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    Building Cloud Systems at Scale

    In this blog, Stew Norris shares his experience on 'building cloud systems at scale'. This is not a 'How To' guide to designing and building the perfect system. However, from experience, including a few failures and, ultimately, many great successes. It will cover our 5 pillars of success, or more simply, what we consider when designing and building any system.

    image image 26th August 2021
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    You Are Paid To Fail

    In this blog, Simeon Souttar, Head of Delivery talks about ‘failing fast, learning fast’.Failing is not the opposite of success.It is easy to ignore failure, just as it's easy to create a culture that only rewards success. Failure is part of the journey to success.You cannot learn something new without failure, and you cannot win a major football tournament until you have learned something about who your team is, and what your strengths and weaknesses are.As the Agile Manifesto states, ‘PEOPLE ARE OUR MOST IMPORTANT ASSET’ and people make mistakes, we are humans. It is important to remember your values, learn from mistakes and accept that through failure we succeed.

    image image 22nd July 2021
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    Snowflake in Azure using Terraform – How we fixed a client problem by creating our first Auto-Ingest Snowpipes!

    Data Architect and Tech Lead at The Data Shed, George Verney, has been working with one of our clients, a retail, surveillance and IoT provider based in Europe, migrating their services into the cloud.In this blog, he shares his experience of resolving a challenging problem by implementing Auto-Ingest Snowpipes in Azure using Terraform.

    image image 2nd July 2021
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    Mental Health Awareness Week

    The wellbeing of our Shedders has always been a priority for us, and there are lots of things we do on a daily basis to ensure everyone feels supported at work - and outside of it. In this blog post we’ve outlined our approach to mental wellbeing, and included some tips you could adopt to build a happy and healthy team all year round.

    image image 10th May 2021
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    Our route back to the office, building a hybrid working environment

    When we look back to last March, it was what can only be described as a whirlwind. Everyone just grabbed what they thought they needed and set up a makeshift home office, slowly gaps began to emerge as we realised that this wasn’t going to be a short term arrangement and we’d need to prepare.

    image image 7th May 2021
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    How to build a team from scratch

    Have you ever interviewed someone for a team that doesn’t exist yet, in a fast-growing company you don’t yet work for?

    image image 12th April 2021
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    A day in the life of a Data Analyst

    We caught up with Tom Wardell to find out more about what life is like as a Data Analyst. Tom joined The Data Shed in the midst of the pandemic and has settled in the team completely virtually, so we’re looking forward to welcoming him to The Shed when that day finally comes!

    image image 22nd March 2021
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    A day in the life of a Data Engineer

    Ever wondered what a day in the life of one of a Senior Data Engineer really looks like? We caught up with Shedder Mike to find out what an average day here at The Data Shed involves and how he’s settled into life working from home.

    image image 19th February 2021
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    Journey Of A Shedder

    We caught up with @Seb Martin, Data Engineer here at The Data Shed, to find out more about his journey to becoming a Shedder. Seb joined us from Northcoders with almost no previous experience in coding before completing his course, and is now an integral part of the team working on some of our biggest projects.

    image image 4th February 2021
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    NHS Consortium

    image image 21st January 2021
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    Putting the PA in PAndemic

    Steph reflects on her time working as an EA during a national lockdown. Covering the ups and downs of working from home and the importance of team wellbeing, she highlights what it really means to be a modern day assistant in a growing tech company.

    image image 21st January 2021
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    The Data Shed Values

    Here at The Shed we’re just as passionate about the culture we work in as we are about the tech itself, because who wants to be miserable at work? There’s more to Shedders than the fact that we all, usually, work under one unconventional (shed) roof - our company values are at the heart of everything we do.We caught up with Clare, Head of People here at The Data Shed, to delve deeper into some of our guiding principles.

    image image 15th January 2021
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    Goodbye to 2020!

    Our CEO, Anna Sutton, has said goodbye to 2020 with a review of what has been the most unusual year. A year of disruption and uncertainty, but also a year where we've seen incredible acts of kindness and collaboration.

    image image 23rd December 2020
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    Journey to a Data Engineer

    Last year, Josh decided his career needed to take a different path and signed up to Northcoders. He's now an established member of The Data Shed and we've loved reading about his journey in this blog post.

    image image 12th September 2019
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    Leeds Digital Festival 2019

    During one of the most exciting weeks in tech here in Leeds, 2 of our team took to the stage to share how they successfully dealt with extraordinary volumes of requests on the Application Load Balancer.

    image image 20th June 2019
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    “For a bunch of data geeks they sure can row!”

    Read about how we did competing at the annual St Martin House boat race, which we managed to raise £1500 for!

    image image 4th June 2019
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    What A Year…

    This time last year I’d just nicely returned to work full time after my second son started school. Not an unusual situation, but to make matters more interesting, I was joining my own company full time, for the first time.

    image image 15th May 2019
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    Why we have 3 Mental Health First Aiders, and why you should too

    image image 13th May 2019

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