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    Go! Shedsheet Reader

    We love data at the DataShed, we are also very fond of the awesome things that can be done with the programming language Go.

    image image 13th February 2019
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    Much as we might lament their continued use, passwords are an important part of modern life. A part that seems only to be increasing in ubiquity; as I sit here I can see at least half a dozen devices, from this laptop to my television, that each require an inordinate number of passwords to keep them from turning into little more than novelty paperweights.So let’s take an inexplicable foray into the fun we have managing our little “memorized secrets”...

    image image 7th February 2019
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    Load testing and Gatling.io

    Load testing to 20k requests per second and beyond - how we did it!

    image image 5th February 2019
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    Leeds data firm wins contract to deliver a national gambling self-exclusion scheme

    Data services firm, The Data Shed, has won a major contract with GAMSTOP, the central scheme that allows people to exclude themselves from online gambling websites, leading to an extra ten jobs being created at their Leeds office.

    image image 30th January 2019
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    How to create your first Angular 6 application in less than 5 minutes

    Get the ball rolling with a simple Angular 6 web application running locally on your machine in less than 5 minutes.

    image image 2nd January 2019
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    The Data Shed is growing!

    We are looking for a commercial interior supplier to help us fit out and move into our extended offices while retaining the great working environment that has already been created. We will require additional office furniture in keeping with what we already have as well as the construction of additional meeting rooms on one of the floors.

    image image 21st December 2018
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    An Introduction to Polymer

    Polymer is a JavaScript library that helps you create custom reusable HTML elements (web components), and use them to build performant, maintainable apps. Here, Jordan tells us more about why it's so useful.

    image image 25th September 2018
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    Got Any Code? Interview Advice for Software Engineers.

    Here’s some advice from Ash, Software Engineer, following a round of (sometimes frustrating!) interviews.

    image image 20th January 2017
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    Continuous Integration with Python

    Confession time… I missed something really important! Most CI tools don’t work too well with Python. Here’s something that’ll help you overcome some of the issues you’ll come across…

    image image 3rd January 2017
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    Announcing DataShed Labs event – getting hands-on with Apache Spark & Hadoop

    In an effort to give developers a view of the tools and technologies that we think are worth trying, we’re hosting a series of hands-on events in Leeds

    image image 17th February 2016
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    Cloudera Director 2.0 – Truly cloud ready?

    Cloudera seems to have made some huge leaps forward in terms of enterprise integration, workload automation and High Availability in Cloudera Director 2.0…

    image image 22nd January 2016
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    Why has the world gone Open Source Mad?

    Open Source software seems to be taking over. But why? And what does Steve Ballmer think about this?

    image image 5th January 2016
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    Riding the Unicorn – Aligning Technology, Data & Analytics Strategies

    Now that I’ve got the customary ‘unicorn’ reference out of the way in the title, down to the serious matter of discussing why, given that it’s so gosh-darned important, we seem to repeat the same mistakes when it comes to Technology, Data & Analytics.

    image image 17th December 2015
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    How to increase the ROI of a data warehouse

    Data warehouse projects are expensive!

    image image 2nd December 2015
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    “If we’d written this in Python we’d be done by now”

    I’d never really had a ‘programming language of choice’. My first languages were SML and C; I wrote my final year project at University (badly) in Prolog; my first paying job was coding in Progress 4GL and I finally ended up writing predominantly in Java.

    image image 2nd December 2015
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    Big Data V’s what are they & how can you use them to formulate a strategy?

    Anyone who has ever done any kind of business related course will have heard of the 4 (or 7) p’s of marketing. Product, Place, Price, Promotion

    image image 2nd December 2015
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    5 useful developer hacks to know about Docker…

    Docker is fast becoming the architectural building block for any microservice based strategy with a clear focus on ‘do one thing and do it well’.

    image image 18th November 2015
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    Getting to grips with Apache Spark…

    After its first stable release last year, Apache Spark was one of those things that seemed to get mentioned a lot by colleagues but no one was actually using it (see also: Apache Storm). After finally getting to grips with it, it’s been an oddly mixed experience.

    image image 10th November 2015
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    What is Docker?

    Isolation and layers. Two simple architectural principles interwoven to provide one of the great paradigm shifts of our computing generation.

    image image 2nd October 2015
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    Why bother with data visualisation?

    Sometimes, the visualisation can be something as simple as a chart, showing how a measure has changed over time. Other times, it can be as complex as those created by Mike Bostock of the New York Times and the creator of d3.

    image image 25th August 2015

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