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It starts with knowing
the right question to ask

For the last 10 years we’ve been grappling with our clients’ toughest challenges and have designed, delivered and supported many enterprise-wide systems for some of the largest businesses in the UK.

We’re more than happy to help with any data-centric projects or conundrums you have. We draw upon our extensive software delivery and marketing experience to help our clients realise even the most aggressive objectives and timelines.

How we do it

We are technology and platform agnostic – the key for us is building the best solution for you. Once we understand your requirements we’ll review your current technology and internal skills alongside a range of delivery options as part of any proposal we make.

It’s our aim to build your solution and hand it over to your internal team as quickly as possible to minimise your external investment – for us it’s about delivering the best return for your business. That being said, if you need longer term support, we can help there too.

Making it work

Innovation is a key part of what we do at The Data Shed: technological advancements are being made every day. A tool we wouldn’t have proposed 6 months ago may have had several releases since then and suddenly become a really stable and interesting alternative to current technology. We’re always tinkering away with new tools to see what value they can offer to our clients, but we’re not slaves to innovation – we just pick the best tools for your solution.

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