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Giving you all the tools
to manage your data

Our products are designed to be user friendly and accessed at different levels depending on your skills. First off The Data Shed conveyor belt is our Data Refinery – a software as a service Single View of a Customer.  Keep a look out, it will be coming in early 2019!

The Data Refinery

Condenses the benefits of a data warehouse and enterprise analysis tools, giving them to you in a much cheaper and easier to maintain software as a service tool. Integrate all your customer data into a single customer view for analysis and reporting. It’s simple: log in, upload your data file, map it into the correct fields and leave the rest to us.

Clever algorithms match your data and then produce a Golden Record for your customers so you have the best chance of contacting them. We overlay socio-demographic profiling – leaving you with one single data source ready to interrogate through our interactive dashboards.

Once your data is clean and all in one place you can get a really clear view of your business performance and customer behaviour.

  • Understand your long-term
    customer lifecycle

  • Segment your base for more effective marketing and use characteristics of your best customers to target acquisition activity

  • Improve your
    contact rates

Our interactive dashboard lets everyone do their own investigation and analysis without writing a single line of code. Access performance across the board: regularly spot new trends faster; identify potential problems quicker – react faster.

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